I Don't Want to Love
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ARTEK performs Madrigals of Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643), including the music to the Mark Morris dance "I Don't Want to Love" performed by ARTEK with the Mark Morris Dance Group. "Beautiful, sensuous music, vibrantly given here by early music specialists" (Clive Barnes, The New York Post).

Zefiro Recordings ZR 101. Available through ARTEK only.


Jessica Tranzillo, soprano
Barbara Hollinshead, mezzo-soprano
Philip Anderson, tenor
Michael Brown, tenor
Paul Shipper, bass, lute & guitar
Daniel Swenberg, theorbo
Grant Herreid, lute & theorbo
Lisa Terry, viola da gamba
Gwendolyn Toth, harpsichord & organ

Zefiro torna

Part 2: Amor dov' la fe'

Soave libertate

Bel Pastor

-- Track List --
1. Non voglio amare
2. Ah, che non si conviene
3. Zefiro torna
4. S'el vostro cor Madonna
5. Eccomi pronta ai baci
-- Lamento della Ninfa
6. Part 1: Non havea Febo ancora
7. Part 2: Amor dov' la fe'
8. Part 3: Si tra sdegnosi pianti
9. Soave libertate
10. O come sei gentile
11. Bel Pastor
12. O sia tranquillo il mare
13. Se vittorie s belle
--- Gira il nemico
14. Part 1: Gira il nemico
15. Part 2: Nol lasciamo accostar
16. Part 3: Armi false non son
17. Part 4: Vuol degl'occhi attaccar
18. Part 5: Non pi tempo
19. Part 6 Cor mio, non val fuggir

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